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Play Poker OnlineThere are many things that go into helping an online poker player choose a great poker room.  It might be the bonus, it might be word of mouth, and often, it’s the reviews of sites that help seal the deal for many players.  This means that online poker room reviews have to be honest and trustworthy, but so often – they are just a sales pitch.  For those seeking better reviews that they can honestly trust, is the number one source.

MAY 20, 2012 – For people that want to play poker online, the choice isn’t always so clear.  Different review sites are a great place to start, but often the reviews that people see are simply a sales pitch for poker rooms. is proud to offer some of the most comprehensive online poker reviews available, so the experienced and inexperienced alike can make the right choice for them.

For instance, many poker review sites don’t follow a particular format.  With, the formatting that is seen on one review will be on all of them.  Players can find out exactly what kinds of bonuses each online poker room offers, plus they will know exactly what to expect when it comes to cashing in on those bonuses and increasing their bankroll.

If it’s the games that players are interested in, players will love the part of each review that lists every single game that an online poker room offers. knows that there is no use signing up to an online poker room, only to find that the game of choice isn’t even offered, so they make sure that players know what to expect up front – before signing up.

Many poker players want to know about tournaments.  Will it be easy to get in on one?  Will the tournaments actually offer good money for playing?  What about those who aren’t ready for a huge jackpot?  Is that option available as well? not only lets players know how often tournaments are available on a poker room, but they also make sure to let players know how big the jackpots can be and how much – or little – it will cost to buy into a tournament.

If that’s not enough, knows that players need to know what their deposit and withdrawal options are.  No matter where you are in the world, players want to know that they won’t have to jump through hoops to enjoy their winnings or make a deposit, so all of the payment options are laid out before a player decides to become a member. knows that it’s important to know everything about an online poker room before becoming a member.  They know that this is what it takes to enjoy the experience.  That’s why all of the reviews are written objectively, by professional poker players from around the world.  The reviews on come from having played on the site and truly understanding the workings of it, so players can walk into a poker room with the knowledge they need to truly enjoy playing online poker the first time.

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