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In recent years, online poker has experienced a rapid growth in online poker rooms operators. One reason for this growth is that poker is seen as a game of skill rather than luck, where one player is pitted against another. In fact most online poker players mainly play online to learn or to practice the game they love.

For this reason, was founded, offering its’ members a wide spectrum of learning materials, which you can use to learn to play poker successfully and build the foundations for a long term profitable poker carreer. also provides you with $50 + $100 in starting money, giving you a chance to gain experience in a variety of poker games while learning to play the game at your own pace.

Their goal is to give you a completely free education in Texas Hold’em while improving the level of your play.

  • $50 + $100 in starting money
  • Weekly freerolls
  • Cash leader boards FAQ

  1. Do I need to pay in order to join
    No! is an absolutely FREE of charge school that gives you the tools to improve your poker skills.
  2. Are there any requirements to get the free starting money?
    After you complete the registration process, and activated your account, you will have to take a quiz to qualify. However, you are allowed to take it again if you fail. In fact, you will be able to take the quiz as many times as you need, until you get all the tools and tips to prepare you for your poker experience.
  3. If I already own a poker room account, am I entitled to join
    Yes! has plenty of poker rooms where you can get a free poker bankroll of $50 + $100.
  4. I passed the quiz but didn’t get the bonus money immediately, why?
    Within a certain amount of hours from passing the quiz, you will receive a verification phone call from’s security team in order to validate your account details. Once your account is verified; the $50 + $100 starting money will be credited in your account.
  5. Do I have to provide real details when registering?
    Yes, you do. Players providing false details when registering are not be eligible for the $50 + $100 starting money.
  6. Is my private information safe and secured?
    Yes it is. provides the highest levels of security methods online, using a fully closed and secured system in which procedures are reviewed and updated regularly in order to keep them the best in the world.
  7. Can I refer my friends to
    Sure, just sent your friend to this page. Like you – the friends you refer to through this page will be able to enjoy the starting bonus, improve their poker skills and prepare for the ultimate poker experience!
  8. What do I have to fill in in the ‘Referred by (username)’ field?
    You don’t have to fill in anything, but we would really appreciate it if you use referral code ‘aff_gio’. You will get nothing less, and we’ll get like $10 for it. Thanks already! Referral Code

Sign-up at today, but make sure to use referral code ‘aff_gio’ in the sign-up form field ‘Referred by (username)’.

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